Sack vs roughing the passer

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I guess the ref thinks that’s Tom Brady getting tackled.

It could be considered driving the QB into the ground but I’m not sure how the tackle happens otherwise. I saw a more egregious call in the Dallas Philly game. Hurts was tackled immediately after throwing the ball but the players were rotating and Hurts landed on top of the Dallas player. Yellow flag, 15 yards for tackling the QB.

Definitely a sack.

The refs are being told by the League to protect the Quarterbacks whenever possible.

Unless the quarterbacks name is Mahomes.

Apparently, that is what the official claimed. The player is supposed to have twisted in midair and kept from landing on the QB.

That is what I hear the announcers imply.
I fail to understand how a 300 lb man is supposed to have the grace of a ballerina.
And, to be fair, many announcers are openly stating how idiotic the roughing calls have become.

Sounds like something out of The Matrix.

Here’s another one. Taunting. Ticky-tack.

And a question: since the alleged taunt (pointing at the defender) occurred during the play, before the touchdown, why did the touchdown stand?

These are grown ass men.
If they can’t handle a little taunting then they shouldn’t be playing in the NFL.
The NFL really needs players or ex players on the rules committee

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If you don’t like the taunting, then don’t let Josh Allen score on you!

I’ve got no problem with it as long as it doesn’t get racist or personal.

To be fair, I’m OK with them penalizing “in your face” kinds of taunting. It can lead to fights and it sets a bad example for those watching, including kids.

This one wasn’t much, unless there were words involved we didn’t hear.