I used to love to run.
But for the last several years my knees have kept me from it, I tried biking and elliptical, etc. but nothing was quite the same.
I recently bought Hoka shoes and they are a game changer. My joints have zero pain and I am able to run again. I am not were I want to be yet, but in the last week I have cut 40 seconds off my two mile time, and I cut a minute and a half the week before.
I am only running about three times every two weeks, and mixing other workouts in to keep from getting stagnant, but I am really feeling good about it.

Glad you mentioned these shoes. I looked them up and they seem like good inventions.

Shoes are a bigger deal than people realize, and Dicks has no idea what shoes would work for you. I ran a 10k last weekend and felt a little tinge in my left shin. I know enough about my running and my shoe (ASICS DS Trainer) to know that pair is shot and need to be retired.

Just don’t do too much too soon and you’ll be good.

Glad you found something that works. I’ll stick to cycling since my feet and knees can’t take the pounding like they used to. It’s good to hear you enjoy it…one observation from the guys in my bike group is that cyclists are always smiling and runners always seem pissed off. Just kidding (sort of). Years ago (over 30) I did run off and on for a while and I do recall on one longer run that I hit a point where I felt kind of an out of body experience - It’s hard to explain, but I think I had that high everybody talks about.