Routing number

Did anyone ever hear of a bank Routing Domestic ACH number that is different than the routing number on your checks that is used for direct deposit. I contacted one of my husbands publishers a few months ago to let them know that I haven’t received the payment that they sent to my checking account after my husband’s royalty account was transferred to my name.

Today I received a response from the publisher that the bank had returned that payment to them because they couldn’t find an account with that number. To resolve the problem the publisher asked me to complete a corrected electronic payment form

So I called my bank to confirm that I was using the correct routing and account numbers and they told me that the routing number for a Domestic ACH or a wire is different than the
Routing number that I use for other money sources that are directly deposited into my checking account because they are considered to be direct deposit instead of a wire transfer

Never heard of this, but I can’t remember the last time I used a wire transfer.

Crparrothead - When my husband was alive they sent him his royalty checks by mail, but now they will only send them electronically. That is why I was surprised that my normal routing number didn’t work.

I have not heard of a different routing number for direct deposits. My Social Security and Pension are direct deposited into my account and it uses the same routing number that was (I no longer write checks) on my checks.

I am starting to wonder if the publisher accidentally sent that royalty payment to my husband’s name instead of mine even though his royalties were transferred to a new account in my name since I am his heir. That would explain why the bank couldn’t find that account

I tried to call the person in the royalty department that I have been working with since I reported my husband’s death to them last summer to discuss the problem so I can correct it. However, when I called their main number I was told that I had to call their royalty department. Unfortunately, their royalty department only has a recording to leave a message and that it might take a week for someone to call me back. So I sent her an email asking her to call me.

I think that is probably what happened. I am guessing that your husbands account was closed and when it hit, the bank just said “no account”. I used to work in bank operations eons ago and everything, checks, wire transfers…everything… used the same routing number. HEck…the purpose of a routing number is to say “that’s this bank”.