Rob Schneider

I saw his stand up today. I was dreading it.

I have to say it was hysterical. I enjoyed it.

He talks a lot about his liberal views but the world has changed and now he’s a conservative but his views haven’t changed.

One of the best quotes was they didn’t invite jk Rowling to the 25th anniversary of Harry Potter. It’s like not inviting Jesus to the last super.

That’s good to hear. Schneider starred in some truly atrocious movies around the turn of the century. Deuce Bigalow, The Animal, etc. Barf.

Glad he has found a good footing. I enjoy his sarcastic quips against leftists on Twitter.

Based on his movies, I dreaded going. My gf purchased the tickets for Christmas.

If you feel the world has went full crazy, go watch it his show.

As he points out, he’s from San Francisco and was considered liberal until the crazies took over. He hasn’t changed. The world just went crazy

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