Remembering Passwords

There was a time when I never wrote my passwords down because I had relatively few accounts that required them so it was easy to remember all of them. However, that is no longer the case because it seems that everything requires a password today. What do you do to remember your passwords in a safe way.

I’ve got an encrypted document with a disguised filename. Has everything in it.

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I have one paper sheet that I keep filed in some other folder unrelated in the file cabinet. As they change, I just pencil the new ones in. I keep a digital copy in a flash drive stored in our safety deposit box. I get it out 2-3 times a year to update and print, shredding the old page into tiny rectangles.

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I use a Password manager [Last pass]. Before that, used a telephone and address book.

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Same. Using a Password Manager is the way to go…

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A small notebook with most items written in a non obvious way.

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I do not feel comfortable using a password manager website. If it gets hacked, you are screwed!

I’d rather have a notebook on my desk (this is the method my dad uses) than risk having a password manager hacked. Yes I am aware that most of my financial sites have 2 factor authentication but the newest criminals are cloning cell phones and using compromised email accounts.

I use words not in the dictionary. How is a word not in a dictionary you might be thinking. I use words from native American Indian language (kinda like code talkers). Much of that is not written and spelling can vary from person to person. So I could have the password written down on my a postit note on my monitor but only a few people could every translate what it is. You could do this with any language if you wanted.

For example, you could write down Password1 but the actual password really be LacontraseñaUno. The words and phrases I use aren’t found on google.

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Your point is valid, but wouldn’t that be the biggest & most darkly hilarious irony ever?

What do you do when you travel? Or when you need to access a site on your phone while you are out?

I don’t write mine down. I remember them.

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