Remember the 5 & 10 store

They are returning… only under Biden it will be Dollars not Cents.

One of the Dollar store chains recently raised their price to a buck and a quarter thanks to Bidenflation.

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I work in a corporate office. Yesterday there was a vendor in that sells and services our fountain drinking machine. He is the owner of the small company. I over heard him telling the person next door about he has to raise his prices again. This is the 3rd time this year. During that conversation he was talking about for the first time in his life he went into a dollar general and was really surprised at what they offered and that they are going to start shopping there more often.

The bidenflation is probably really good for the dollar stores. DG is the Walmart of tiny towns. I live in a <2K population town and DG is the main source to get most of what you need.

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Yep, welcome to Joe Biden’s America.

We have had numerous vendors non renew contracts because they can’t live up to the prices they originally quoted.

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We traveled through many small towns this year and last. Nearly every small town had at one of the dollar stores, and their parking lots were usually at least half full.

There was a place in Jena, LA that was called “Nickl Narf” IT had been an old “Ben Franklin” store that was sold but they couldn’t use the Ben Franklin name. So they just used the letters.

In my area, if you need something that the DG does not sell, it is about 35 miles to the closest Walmart. The volume that the DG does is mind blowing for the size of the store. Need a birthday gift for kids birthday party, DG will have something. Need some grocery items, duct tape, super glue, medications, TP, toothpaste… They have all that too. Most of it is the same brand goods sold everywhere but often in smaller sizes. Some things the unit price is better on and others it is not. For the most part it has competitive prices as Walmart without the 70 mile round trip drive.

That’s how Walmart started.

Perfect post. We have the same inflation as the Nixon / Ford / Carter administration

Two Republicans and one Democrat. One of them had the balls to do what needed to be done. Will the future Republicans, or are they just one trick tax cut ponies?

Do you mean the GOP Ford or the Democrat Carter?

If Nixon ran the campaign like Clinton, he would have used the FBI to burglarize the Watergate. The problem is J Edgar Hoover the extreme anti communist had recently passed away.

Ford came up with the WIN button. Carter appointed Paul Volker to the Fed and let him do his job. FWIW, Volker was a Republican but Carter didn’t care. He wanted what was best for the country. That’s the last time that happened. And the short term pain” started under him. I believe that had he not done that, Reagan never would have,

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Yes but Democrats did a bait and switch during both Ford for Vietnam and Reagan for tax hikes.

We should have supported the puppet govt of south Vietnam like we support Israel to keep North Vietnam from killing millions in Vietnam and Cambodia

Reagan cut taxes from 70% to 28%. Reagan compromised by raising taxes in exchange for spending cuts. The Democrats pulled back on their promise of spending cuts. The GOP thus shouldn’t commit to anything unless they can back Democrats into a corner and make sure any concessions are genuine from Democrats then make compromises to make sure we’re not compromising without preconditions being met