Recommendation for Lite Beer

During the discussions on Bud Lite a few people here said they don’t drink that beer because it is lousy. That got me to thinking to ask everybody what their preferred beer is for when they just want a lite beer which is not all that heavy. I prefer a beer like that on hot nights during the summer, and my wife and I have gotten Bud Lite at Costco for that time.

So, with that said, for those of you who don’t care for Bud Lite for taste reasons, what lighter beer do you recommend?

And, for the disclaimer, I recognize that there are many other beers which are way better than lite beers and I enjoy many of those too. I am not limiting myself to lite beer in any way. I am just asking what your preferred option is when you want to go lite.

I don’t drink “lite” beers. I normally drink blue moon

My light beer of choice is Mich Ultra for coming in from being outside…

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Humble opinion: Lite beer is close to unleaded coffee. At 4% abv it is close to Okie beer which for many years was capped at 3.2%. Drink enough to be happy and your belly will hurt. If I hadda choose it would probably be the original, Miller lite.

Refresh coming in from outside? Water! Really hot I gas it up with CO2 and add a squirt of grape flavor from Aldi. Enhancers come in many flavors.

Now for real beer, Florida Man IPA is pretty good but I go with Sierra Nevada Big Little Thing IPA, 8.5, and 9% respectively. Almost always, daily limit is one.

Yeah sorry wmj, but I am also in the anti-lite chorus.

I just don’t see the point of drinking a beer if it’s gross.

I like Shiner, Yuengling, or a good IPA normally.

When I want to go lighter than that, I’ll abandon beer altogether & go for a bit of vodka or gin in carbonated water with a twist. Light & refreshing.

As far as light beer goes Coors Light pretty much tastes like nothing, that would be my go to for a light beer. It’s pretty weak but that’s why I would choose it over a better beer, when I want a beer but not a buzz.

this will do just fine

Any type of stout beer. Love recommendations

That was the groomsmen request at our wedding

I am NOT an IPA fan

I got back from a trip last night. The only place open by my house was hooters.

They were no longer serving bud. This is their hometown. Appears the family is pushing for places to remove it from the menu.

I had Modelo instead

I don’t really care for beers, and I really don’t like the hoppy craft beers…I just don’t find bitterness appealing. But on a hot summer day, if I have a beer, I really Like Shiner Ruby Redbird. It has a hint of grapefruit and is really refreshing.

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Busch lite is my go to “after mowing” or sitting at the lake beer.
However, I was introduced to Yeingling Flight at the golf course yesterday, and it may have moved to the top of the list.

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A grapefruit radler can be really refreshing too on occasion.

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That does sound good

I think I like the Yuengling Lager or Light Lager.

I was wondering what’s the difference between a porter and a stout?

That was the first beer I had over age 21.

I snuck a few Heinekens illegally at 16 but had wine at 13 legally at church and at home

Both are considered dark beers, one is made with malted barley and one with unmalted barley.
Malting the barley make a smoother beer.

Have you tried Light Sky ?

No, I would be willing to give it a shot.

I don’t drink enough beer that I am worried about calories. I drink under 6 a month in most cases. I like beer when I am eating certain foods on occasion.

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Pairing beer can be as complicated as pairing wine.

Its a light version of Blue Moon…give it a shot.

Interesting. I didn’t know they had one. I’ll give it a shot. I like beers with burgers or chicken wings