Quay Walker/Lions training staff

Did anybody see the incident between the Packers Linebacker and the training staff for the Lions.

The aspect that isn’t getting enough attention is how the trainer didn’t back down, but almost got up in Walkers face after it happened. That dude has balls that clank when he walks!

I hadn’t watched an entire Lions’ games in a long time, but I did last night. I think the trainer displayed pretty much the same attitude as the team. It was like two separate seasons for the Lions, 2-7 and 7-1.

I don’t really know him, but apparently, his second ejection of the season, not good.

But, you know what I like? He didn’t just do the BS generic public apology. He called the trainer personally, the one actually affected, and apologized. Doesn’t undo it, but it’s a good step.

Ya, he owned it and didn’t make any excuse.
He is a young kid and I know nothing about his upbringing, so not going to judge him too harshly.
I was pretty stupid at 22 years old.