Probably my last dig at this POS

“New York did things right”
I am not a violent person, but Cuomo has a very punchable face.

Oops, one more.

Those 12,000 additional deaths might put New York in number one for Covid deaths beating out New Jersey. Meanwhile Florida really needs to catch up, they’re only 24th in Covid deaths.

Florida is 21st and rising.

They will never catch NY.

They don’t have subways and one of the most densely populated cities on the planet.

They also have a higher average age and the population density isn’t that big of a difference.

In what world does population density not matter?

It does matter, I am saying the difference between Florida and New York State aren’t a big enough difference to account for the disparity in numbers.

There are two things that most people don’t realize when comparing covid statistics between Florida and New York. The population of Florida is greater than the population in New York. In addition, even though New York City is the largest city in the country, a significant portion of New York State is very rural.

Get back to us when they top New York.

Everyone here is discussing death rate per capita.