Private Florida school's vaccination lunacy

So a private Florida school has notified parents, that should they vaccinate their children, the kids will have to stay home for a month, because the act of getting vaccinated poses the threat of transmitting covid-19.
And when confronted with the facts, what did school administrators do? That’s right, they defended their actions.
Can’t say I’m surprised. After all, it is Florida, and DeSantis is their governor.

IT’s Florida. Bear in mind, they are bringing up a new generation of “Florida man”

Good. I’m so glad you two have your panties bunched up over this.

It must really bother you that Uncle Joe is not sending in the FBI to gun down these school officials for their heretical opinion.

The real question is, why are you so pro-ignorance?
Is being enlightened such a frightening concept to you? I guess ignorance truly is your bliss?

I’m pro-you-being-upset-like-a-woman. It shows your true colors.

Then again you do that 99% of the time.

I agree with you a lot.
But this dumbassery doesn’t need to be defended.
This type of shit gets mixed in with people with legitimate questions and concerns.

I didn’t defend it. I mocked these two characters for getting worked up over it. This is an isolated issue and not worth dramatizing.

But that will never stop the left’s constant whining.

Fair enough.

“Florida man” is “worked up”?

This is like telling people not to come near you after they have sex because they might get you pregnant.

I never get upset over what idiots do or say. I just enjoy pointing it out, and then seeing zombies defending these idiots because it’s all about politics, not common sense.
My wife and I have so many good laughs, at the expense of the dummies on the right, with the constant stream of dumb acts, and dumb statements. I really have to thank you for keeping my spirits up and putting a smile on my face, every single day. Reading so many of the comments here, from the righties, is better than watching the knucklehead 3 stooges.

My first question is how many students attend this school. Some private schools are tiny. The bottom line it’s the parents decision, whether it’s right or wrong. Doesn’t mean I agree with it.


Branchkin---- Good Call - 300 Students Pre K to 8th … about 30 per year.

No, only over what smart people say. Which makes your behavior even less sensible.

I read today that Florida is second from the bottom in state COVID infections. It was supposed to be a death trap after opening up early.