Power washer

Debating between electric and gas. Any opinions ?

I’ve had several gas washers. Water and electic seems like a poor choice.

I want electric. My girlfriends father says gas is better.

I just want a power washer that works. Don’t know why. Lol

The only electric ones I have used are not near as strong as the gas powered.

That’s what my girls friends father was saying. He said Even when they’re rated the same (Hp, gallons per minutes) the electric ones are just not as powerful

I try to avoid gasoline yard tools. (Just don’t like having gas around).

Gas ones have more power, but unless you are stripping a car you won’t need it.
I have an electric one and stripped my deck just fine.

Oddly I don’t know what I’ll do with it but I feel I need one.

I had an electric one and replaced it with a gas one. The electric did the job, but it was nowhere near as powerful as the gas one. I actually had two electric ones as one died. I didn’t have as big of a deck at my current house so that’s why I bought a second electric. And it also died. I replace that one with a Troy Bilt gas model. It has a Honda 4.5 hp engine. I’ve had it for 10 years and it has had zero problems. I no longer have a deck (the reason I bought it) but I use it to pressure wash the driveway. It does a very good job.

How big of one do I need? I’ll spray the house and driveway. Maybe some blm protestors and people with Biden signs.

Most likely I’ll wash my car.

Never seen a BLM protester with a Biden sign.

Three houses down from me.

In the 5 hp range. Higher the pressure and flow the better.

My Troy Bilt has 4.5 (actually 4.4) Honda engine and 2500 psi. It comes with 2 nozzles… one of them is super narrow and can damage wood if you aren’t careful