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It isn’t really current, but funny how many people still trust the media.

So another media lie uncovered regarding Trump.

At this point it is just comical.

The live will always remember it as a photo op

I just read that too…the tactics were heavy handed and we can’t deny that Trump did walk down to that church and hold the Bible upside down.

They started clearing the street before anyone knew Trump was going there.

The tactics weren’t heavy handed. Once you’ve been told to disperse. You need to disperse.

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The whole thing was dumb. I know being president is mostly optics but Trump selling himself as religious was optics cranked up to 11. Alas, he’s no longer president and I won’t talk about him more in this thread at least.

You are missing the point.
The media made up a story about Trump.

It was certainly believable at the time, people were being hit with tear gas and 10 mins later trump is walking down the street. A few of his own people refused to go with him because it was so stupid. Beyond that I’m out, if you want to scream FAKE NEWS I’ll go ahead and agree.

We can deny that he held the bible upside down. He didn’t. That’s an internet rumor that took off.

Holding this up as an example of media lies is kinda weird. They had another reason to clear the area, but they appear to have moved it up for Trump’s photo opp. And they did so brutally.

It was mocked around the world because the Australian film crew got caught up in it. The beacon of democracy, clearing out peaceful people with tear gas and batons. Whatever the reason was, Trump or otherwise, it was bullshit.

Yep…but at least the commander there didn’t think the president of the US walking to a church among a crowd of protesters was the greatest idea in the world.

However, according to the IG report, the Park Police operations commander told investigators Barr asked him why the crowd was still on H Street and said he thought they would be gone by that point.

“Are these people still going to be here when POTUS comes out?” Barr is quoted as saying, using an acronym for President of the United States.

The commander said he not known until then that Trump would be coming out of the White House and into Lafayette Square.

He said he replied to the attorney general, "Are you freaking kidding me?"

Two completely and totally related arguments that are 100% relevant to one another

Such an outrage that they would use force after the assembly unlawfully refused to move.

I wish they had responded gently, like that Profa guy who hit the conservative in the head from behind with a bicycle lock.

Nope creating BLM plaza was heavy handed

Only because of the rabid, unhinged, anti Trump media.

So saying the media lied when the media lies is weird?

So, they were planning to move in on the protesters for another reason, but moved it up for Trump. That’s not that far from what was reported at the time. There are far worse examples, daily.

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