Post Expiration?

Why do posts on Politics get 6 days, but Tech only 3.

Is this something wintermute can adjust?

I am starting to get comfortable here.
But still plodding along.

Yes. It’s from the last time someone replied.

It’s to keep phantom post from coming back.

But can you change it… and why Pol and Tech different.

Seems Political more likely to have problems than Tech.
Seems 7 days on everything would work.

Just suggesting… your board.
Remember, it is the newbies that will find the differences… the oldies are far more accepting. :grinning: as they have adjusted.

People were responding to politics more. Remember it’s not total time but the last time.

Seems to me that things less active should get more time. :grinning:

But hey, I’m the new kid on the Block.

I miss the guy from Clark’s board that would pull up 2 year old posts.

And that’s why we close them. Lol. Nobody has time for that shit

Less active means less interest.

If we had more people. I’d let them linger longer