Poll - How many teams should there be in the College Football playoff?

Seems silly to have 2 from the same conference

I picked 4… one from each major conference… leave out the weakest team.

The Conference Championships should count for something.

Resurrecting this thread with an update. It will stay at four for a while.

I think this is the best outcome for now.

It actually makes sense to not change in the middle of a contract.
And it also gives time to ensure the conference realignment has all shaken out.

A lot of people don’t want two teams from the same conference. There was a strong consensus this year that Ga. and Alabama were the best two teams in the country. Isn’t the point to determine the best team? Without the top two, that tough to do.

Hi Branchkin, What is the purpose of the regular season if not to find the best team in a conference who then plays the best from other conferences.

Your referring to “Strong Consensus” is troubling.
Wasn’t the purpose of the playoffs to get away from the end of season consensus of the number 1 team.

I think the subject is very debatable.
Maybe the consensus should decide which of the 5 Conferences should send a team to the playoffs. Who should be left out?

First, two disclaimers. One, as I said earlier, given the way College Football is set up there will be no perfect playoff system. One can find issues with any proposed system. Two, I am fine with the current system in general and how it played out last year.

With that said, playing devil’s advocate, Georgia played Alabama in the SEC Conference Championship Game last year. One could easily say that both had an equal shot to advance to the playoff and that game should have decided it.

Is the purpose of the playoffs to determine the best team in the country? The only way that would happen, using conference champions, is if all conferences were equal. I don’t think there is any debate that in this day, that is not the case. As I have said before, when you include the top 4 in the polls, you almost certainly will include the best two teams. It’s likely they will end up playing each other for the championship. I think the current system works very well, others can disagree.

Here is one author’s take on this most recent development:

I do not agree with everything he says. Like I said earlier, I could see expanding to eight teams but no more than that. The more teams you add in the playoff the more you devalue the regular season, and I don’t see the nineth best team in the country winning the playoff.

If the a author was correct about expansion being worth $450 mill. then there is no doubt expanding the playoffs will happen. I don’t understand why Texas and Oklahoma wanted to join the SEC unless it was just for the check from the conference each year. I don’t think it’s good for football, for one conference to be dominate the way the SEC is currently. This year after the top two, there was a pretty big drop in ability. The conference overall, will probably be stronger next year than this year.