Political celebrity trivia

2 trivia questions:

  1. What future VP and what future famous actor were college roommates?

  2. What future first lady was college roommates with a future NBA HOFer’s mother?

Gore and Tommy Lee Jones

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Correct for #1


Yes, and the player’s mom?

Complete guess,
Chris Paul?

Which democrat president would randomly show his penis to people?


They made him stop, it was a trip hazard.

I feel his pain.

No. Already in the hall of fame.

Steve Nash?

Correct. I have always found it odd he’d just whip it out. So strange.

There’s a tape of him telling a tailor how he wants his pants to fit and he needed more room for his junk.

I remember listening to that, it was hilarious.

And here it is. Enjoy.


Hint: the player had a significant injury a couple of years into his career that probably made him less great than he’d otherwise have been, but he came back after a while and was still good enough for the HOF.

I know little about the NBA. i am out of guesses.

It was Grant Hill’s mom.

Which president was shot down in ww2?