Please go to China

Please do not boycott the Olympics!!!

These athletes work too damn hard to have their one chance in the international spotlight to be smashed by political BS!

You gave your opinion. Now, with that headline, if the US does go to the Winter Olympics I wonder how long it would take a few posters here to call out Biden for cowering in response to China’s warning the US not to go.

Can’t answer for them.
I think boycotts are stupid in general.
If Biden or the US National Olympic Committee call for a boycott I will be the first jumping up and down calling them dumbasses.

Edit to add: A lot of people will defend/condemn any action based on the person taking that action. It would be nice to know their opinion up front.

I don’t think a boycott will happen.

Well, Biden will have to explain why asking companies to boycott Georgia is acceptable but not boycotting China is acceptable. I don’t have an opinion on the Olympics participation because I don’t watch them. If I had a kid athlete I would be pissed if we boycotted the Olympics. On the other hand, if I was a Lib worker that depended on the All Star Game as a windfall from the pandemic, I would equally be pissed.

At the same time, China is saying that WHO should be investigating American labs to determine if Covid was released here first. I’m sure that had nothing to do with their refusal to allow WHO to investigate theirs.

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I never understood Olympic boycotts. We should go to China and whoop Chinese ass!


Agreed. It is inconsistent that people have problems with Georgia voting law but no problem with China’s human rights abuses.

I think we should go to the Olympics but we should have a trade embargo with China because China did not attempt to stop flights to the US and Europe despite its knowledge of a dangerous virus and it’s denial of it. It accidentally leaked out of a lab and they should be held accountable like we held Germany accountable after WWI.

Athletes are the one thing China hasn’t stolen from the US.

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They had inaccurate security to study viruses yet we decided to fund them. We’re idiots.