Phone scam alert: Couple conned out of $300K – Here’s what criminals said

The elaborate scheme led to the couple sending about $303,000 from July to August to the scammers. Get this. The thieves told the victims that U.S. Marshalls would use the money to buy a house in Hong Kong to keep their money safe.

I’m sorry but the author lost me here. A fool and his money are soon parted.

We could post all the warnings in the world, and this couple would find a way to be separated from their savings.

If you believed US Marshalls were building a house in Hong Kong to store your money, then you’ll believe anything. That sounds more like a prank call from a teenager than a scam. :man_facepalming:

I can’t believe they amassed 300k in the first place, figure they would’ve gotten taken on a scam long before this. The couple is in their 60s? I’m 54, not all that tech savvy but I would never fall for this.

People have to think. My wife’s Email address is available on the church web suite. She runs a Committee.

She got an Email supposedly from the Pastor saying he was in a meeting and needed her to buy some gift cards. She knows about scams… but also thought… the church has a Secretary, why would he reach out to her to buy gift cards.

She was not the first church member to get a similar call.

Folks need to think.

Right?? That’s unbelievable.

I might be able to sympathize if they were in their 90s. Even upper 80s.

But good God, they’re in their sixties and can’t see through this? Goodness.

I’ve actually read about that same scam, guess they prey on church volunteers figuring they’re trusting people.

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