Perfect days

We must be living right in KC because we have had about a week of absolutely gorgeous days, and today was one of them. So many of us showed up to ride that we broke into two groups because we would have overwhelmed pretty much anyplace we would have gone. We decided to check out Union Station, where the NFL draft events are being held. Someone said that they were expecting 300,000 people to show up for it. Many of the streets were closed off - one advantage to an event like that is that streets in and around that are are being resurfaced. They had a framework for a covered area in front of Union station - I didn’t get a picture of that, but it’s BIG.

Then we stopped at a place I never went into since it was opened in 2000 - The Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Gardens. Ewing Kauffman was the KC Royals owner who did a LOT for Kansas City. This garden was his gift to the city. These are some shots of it, along with a bunch of old people riding bikes. IT certainly made an already stunning day even more beautiful

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Picked up my wife and kid from the airport yesterday.
I will say this, I was HIGHLY sceptical that it would be a success, but so far I am impressed.

KC, looks like a great place on a great day. We hit 80 yesterday, first time in 6 months. We’ve had too much rain, considering we’re in a desert. We took a walk yesterday, first time in a couple of weeks.

I went out for a little ride Sunday, and did some lawn work Monday and Tuesday.

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