Pagers Were First Developed To Assist Which Professionals?

I did not read the article. I’m going to guess the Wall street types. So they would have the latest ticker tape numbers.

I knew it was doctors, but the first people I knew that had them were street pharmacists.

Don’t believe it was intended for drug dealers but it’s streamlined their business.

I had to carry one in the early 80’s because I was on call to service the ATM at the bank I worked at.

It appears that you have to take a test and have the answers emailed to you which I won’t do. However, I just read an article about the history of pagers which confirms what I would have guessed. My father was a Radiologist, as well as a Medical Director, and I remember that he had a pager back in the early fifties.

The wording in that post implies it is something else but I think it does that to encourage people to give out their email address.

You can just click a choice and it’ll let you know if you’re right.

@Cnon - I just clicked an answer. Am I right according to that article?

Yes, Doctors were the first to have pagers.

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