Over or under?

Over or under is a sports betting term, which is why I put it in this category.

78,000 court appearance documents are being sent out.
Over or under on how many actually show up?
My guess is 10,000 tops

Another one.

How many people that are subpoenaed will actually show up to testify?

Over and under at 3.

I’ll take the over on that. Most of those subpoenaed have been showing up. Bannon is a notable, scummy exception.

Then lets refine that to over and under on how many refuse.
I will set it at 10 total.

Just send a press release that you are giving out $450K checks to illegals. They will all show up. Then round them up and send them home. Or if you are Biden, you can actually give them $450,000 checks and let them go back to living in the US.