Out of touch with reality


“Biden said there was a “good chance” that friends and families will be able to safely gather together in small groups to celebrate July Fourth.”


Texas Rangers Will Open Globe Life Field at Full Capacity - Sports Illustrated Texas Rangers News, Analysis and More.

Opening day full capacity.

You’re correct, TX is out of touch with reality.

The reality is that the small gatherings that Biden thinks we can get started by July 4th have already been going on for months.
Texas is using actual data to determine their course of action.

TX cases per 100K last 7 days, 124.8, nearly double what we have in CA. They are not following the data. They literally ignored their scientists when lifting restrictions.

They didn’t lift restrictions until two days ago.

Which means they lifted while infections are still high. And they weren’t enforcing much anyway. Now, they want to sue local areas for having their own restrictions.

And when they fully open up, their numbers will be similar to those states still in total lockdown.

California is more urban, likely has more international travel, and we’re opening up gradually. Our cases/100K the past 7 days is 71.9. Compared to TX 113.5. (I realize that’s different from what I posted above. Not sure if the data changed in the past 20 minutes or I grabbed the wrong thing somewhere before).

No one’s still in total lockdown.

There are a handful of states doing worse than TX. One is your favorite, FL, another is yours, MO. It seems there is a common denominator.

I am not sure what happened, but the number for Missouri is skewed.
I think someone put in an extra digit when they entered the data on March 8th.

And if you do a little deeper dig into the data, in both Florida and Texas cases are delcining.

Apparently Missouri had 81,000 new cases on March 8th.

I’m not looking at data nor am I an infectious disease specialist but my guess is Texas is a bit early here. By May nearly everybody should be vaccinate or at least offered the vaccine.

I’m going to Austin in mid-April and I’ll be immune in theory. I’ll still wear a mask in crowded space or if businesses request one. Masks just don’t bother me much.

By the time vaccines are available to all adults with no lines, that is when I stop doing any of this bullshit. No more mask, etc.

No, we’re not limiting our 4th gatherings to a “small” size. Fuck you, Joe.

Neither are doing worse than texas

deaths per million 1602
cases per million 93,992

deaths per million 1451
cases per million 85,924

deaths per million 1498
cases per million 91,623

Texas also is a large importer of illegal aliens. I suspect that is part of the reasons their deaths are so high as they spread it around the community.

Missouri has avoided the most of the harsh lockdowns and our numbers are below the national average. That is what happens when you use science to manage a pandemic.

That actually would be solid criteria. When you can walk in and get a vaccine, that is when all restrictions should go away.

No, in theory you won’t.

You will have reduced risk due to the vaccine but you’re not immune. Best case you’re 95% covered. That means you still have a 5% chance of catching the virus.

Texas has a much higher black and Hispanic population than California, those are 2 of the hardest hit groups.


California has 12 million more people than Texas, but Texas has more black people than California. Do you think that has any thing to do with the numbers?

Democrats try to play this up by politics. They’ll point to red Mississippi to show red states aren’t doing well.

Mississippi is about 40% black. 60% white. Blacks are more likely to be democrats, catch the virus and die from the virus. As you pointed on early on, the black population may wear a mask but they’re refuse to wear them properly.