Orwell has a job with NY State

This is moronic!

They can change rape to unauthorized sex partner and drug dealer to street pharmacist. They can call pedophiles admirers of children.

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I read it and expected a better answer. It’s very moronic.

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Maybe it is just me, but I don’t see any positve connotations from being referred to as “incarcerated.” None at all. I don’t see how calling somebody an “incarcerated person” instead of an inmate makes one bit of difference in any way.

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Neither do I. That’s why it’s moronic.

Neither is a term of honor.

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For once – surprise, surprise – I’ll have to go along with the majority ruling here. Neither term is more or less stigmatizing. Perhaps they might consider giving “Jailbird” a try in future revisions. :innocent:

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See if you’re rational you can have with the stupidy of all sides.

Personally, I am a remove-the-box type of guy for at least most crimes. I also think we need to revisit how we classify crimes since felonies should be the most serious crimes but they haven’t kept up with the times. I would like to see many states re-write large portions of their penal code. If you’re arrested for a felony, the punishment and penalties should be severe. The problem is there are many things that are felonies that really shouldn’t be.

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I can get on board with all of this.

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I say something like “prison boarder” or something more pleasant. :grinning:

It’s worth looking at. IMO repeat offenders should receive harsher sentences each time they’re convicted, if someone doesn’t learn their lesson after being tossed in jail 3 times let them stY in longer.

Involuntary tenant.

No, that is still too harsh. “Involuntary” we can not have. :grinning:

I agree with that as well. The system should be designed to get people back on the right track and not just to punish them.

Violent crimes I am more about protecting society from the person but many crimes are really just people being stupid. I always joke about the matress crime but we have many laws like that.

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One of the most satisfying jobs I ever had was working in the Drug Court program.
Seeing people complete the program that two years before were homeless, addicted, and borderline on deaths door.

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Aha, a “Closet Snowflake”. You’ve blown your disguise.

i was thinking of cellist, but that word has been taken.

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The only way I could even think about supporting something like this is if they established first that inmate had become a pejorative.

But in legal code this is vanishingly unlikely. The only place where that could conceivably apply is inside the prisons themselves, in which it will not matter what is written in the law books.

This seems to be nothing more than silly Democrats heroizing criminals in their virtue signals. Missing the mark by a mile, as always.

Totally agree. Dog fighting should be a serious felony and treated under RICO for organized crime. It should not merely be prosecuted for animal cruelty. RICO should be at the state level unless it crosses state lines for organized crime

Most theft should be treated as a misdemeanor but fines should be greatly increased as well as lots of community service and maybe a month in jail. I don’t think stealing a soda and some skittles or $50 out of the cash register should lead to many years in prison

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