One Good Thing From High Inflation

The new Series I Bond interest rates are over 7% from now until April 2022.

I was thinking about buy 100k but remembered I can only buy 10k per year. I’ll buy 10 now and 10 in January.

I have $15,000 in I Bonds I bought around 2000, the fixed rate is around 4% on those. A great place to park money for an emergency.

So the rate you buy at is fixed or adjustable? I have a glaring lack of knowledge on bonds in general.

Both, there’s a fixed rate for the life of the bond and a variable that changes every 6 months. At least it used to be unless they changed it. When I bought mine in 2000ish the fixed rate was 4% and the variable rate around 2%. A few years ago the fixed rate was under 1%, not worth it IMO.

It looks like the current fixed rate is 0%.