One can only imagine how much worse the pandemic would be,

if this was the messaging from our current president.
Apparently, the triple vaccinated ex-president doesn’t understand why ANYONE, except those with co-morbitities, would get vaccinated, if they already had come down with covid-19.

Of course the CDC hasn’t the evidence to show that a previous infection affords one the same level of protection that a vaccination does. And they strenuously recommend getting the shots. Just what we would need, a president contradicting the CDC.

Considering Trump’s continued ability to influence a certain segment of the population, I wonder how many people who were on the fence about getting vaccinated, will listen to the pandemic downplayer.

That isn’t what he said.

He said he didn’t know why someone would get vaccinated, if they already had COVID-19, unless they had a pre-existing condition, or was old.

Is that more concise?
What do you think he meant?

Yes or old. That is why he is vaccinated.

Many doctors agree with him. Get your head of our your ass and stop worshipping fauci.

Now I disagree with Trump but it isn’t a strange opinion. There are many doctors who share the same opinion. It isn’t a ‘fringe’ idea.

The CDC says to get vaccinated. Stop making excuses for the pandemic downplayer.
I don’t watch the news, so I have no idea what Fauci has said lately. But rest assured, anything he says will make more sense than the blather from the “genius”.

I’ll put my trust in those who are researching and compiling the data. You can continue putting your faith in the stable genius. We’ve all seen how that worked out.

He may also have another condition that we don’t know about.

They also said for the last 18 months that a piece of cloth was better than a vaccination.

and so do I.

People are allowed to make their own decisions but it isn’t a completely false argument. If you have caught COVID you most likely have better protection than the vaccine. Many studies have come to that conclusion.

Personally, I like to hedge my bets and I would get vaccinated anyway.

What is funny is Fauci logic is you would catch a more mild version of COVID then be protected as if it was a vaccine.

Basically what Trump is stating. Personally, I like the more consistent approach with a vaccine.

I have been on this train for a while.
I am vaxxed and boosted.
But had I been positive, I would have been a little hesitant about the vax, at least for about 9 months after my positive.

Please tell me where I can see that statement from the CDC.
Don’t bother. You need to read the entire article.

Coronavirus: CDC director says face masks may provide more protection than coronavirus vaccine (

I am not sure where I would have been on the topic. Since we can’t test the type or quality of the antibodies (Maybe that has changed), I most likely would have got vaccinated as well.

I respond strongly to vaccines. As such I avoid them. I am not anti-vaccine at all. I get them when I think it is worth it.

The thing is, the virus has been around for a really short time. So when someone states with such certainty that their conclusions, and only their conclusions, are the ones to be listened to, they are doing a disservice to the scientific community and to the public.

No they didn’t.

That’s from September 2020, before the vaccines were even available. He was guesstimating at how effective they might be.

No, he was being his typical dumbass self. It’s already been shown he knew he was lying about mask.

Fauci isn’t the person to defend. As more information comes out, he is looking worse and worse every day.

That wasn’t Fauci, it was Redfield

He literally said the mask was better than the vaccine would be.

"might even go so far as to say that this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against Covid than when I take a Covid vaccine.”