Old Site, KC is nicer than me

You are significantly nicer in your goodbye to Mod5 than I would have been!!


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share with me how you made the finger and I’ll post it. What can they do…ban me?

I will email it to you

You Should rick roll him.

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Sent you the text version KC

Knowing Mod5, she probably will. Very thin-skinned. Years of doing nothing, then all of a sudden, she comes out blazing ban-hammers left and right (mostly left, though).

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Why do you think it’s a she?

I am beginning to think bunny was right.

I am still perusing the other site.
Since this site is up, I forget that I am banned over there.

I called it. Woody is refusing to join because of the power dynamic. Lol. What a child to think I want to build a community to ban people.

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I’d feel sorry for a man who was that petty and absolutely wanted no accountability for their actions.

I’ve got it and post it tomorrow or Friday

I still think I hold the record for longest ban from Mod 5. So I was clearly hit with a RIGHT ban hammer.

I added RSS feeds to technology. Let’s see what we think