OK, I am now convinced that the gas prices and inflation are all 100% Biden's fault

If Dave Ramsey says it, it must be true. :grin:

I’m sure the anchors asked Ramsey about Europe and asias inflation which is roughly the same and also highest since the 80s. And if he blames Biden for that too.

Ramsey loves to sell books a lot more than he loves empowering people to make wise decisions.

As nearly all of us agree, Ramsey has changed millions of lives for the better with his very simple financial advice. But I could never follow it, I like the free travel and other perks of my cards too much.

AND…he’ll accept a credit card for payment

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I never thought of that. What a hypocritical douche!

I think his target market are the people that cannot even balance a checkbook. The financially savvy people would not follow his advice…

True. I used to listen to Dave occasionally and every show he had a individual or couple who wiped out a lot of debt to be financially free, it was pretty interesting how they did it. I never needed Dave’s advice I was already doing most of it and it works.

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