OJ Simpson responds to LeWoke's deleted Tweet

Thoughts and advice from OJ

That’s crazy. Oj has a reason to dislike the policy and still defends them.

Hmmm…who should I take advice from? OJ?

He gave really good advice.

He knows how to delete evidence of a mistake. (Too soon?)

There was no mistake. The officer did an amazing job by shooting the girl.

Oj basically said to wait till more information comes out before making a decision and really evaluating the evidence. That the officer didn’t have other options.

Lebron made a mistake and deleted the tweet.

OJ should spend more time looking for ex-wife’s killer and less time analyzing tweets.

He has looked on many golf courses. What else can you expect?

Do you read his subsequent tweet?
He does not think the tweet was a mistake.

It’s funny to watch celebrities delete their tweets after they go viral. Too late at that point; the world has already seen it.

And yes, he had no apparent second thoughts about the appropriateness of his tweet, judging from his own explanation.

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