OH Crap Moments

What are your Oh crap Moments…

Oh Crap, BMW just replied to 2 of my posts.

When my wife asks me “what was the result of that thing I asked you to take care of”, and I realize that I forgot to take care of it.

When I realize that my job literally depends on input from 57 other people, 46 of whom haven’t responded to repeated requests for that input.

At work I have people that I am literally trying to pay money to or buy stuff from that won’t get back to me.

Yeah, it’s ironic when their lack of input is only hurting them. We had a certain college president a few years ago tell her staff not to communicate with us. So, even when they asked for things and we contacted them to clarify details, they wouldn’t answer.

I would feel sorry for anyone in a customer service role telling my dad "you need to (insert action here). He would politely respond that HE doesn’t need to do anything…THEY on the other hand…

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