Obama: For Freedom of speech BUT against "Misinformation"... OH MY!

Former President Barack Obama claimed Thursday that he is “pretty close” to a First Amendment “absolutist.”

But in the same speech, Obama demanded more action from social media companies to combat “disinformation” and even suggested the federal government should get involved.

“Pretty much” meaning “except whenever I feel like making an exception for my personal views, ideology, and partisan bias.”

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Sounds as though you’re in favor of idiots being allowed to yell fire in a movie theater, when there is none.
Yeah, that sounds pretty partisan. And guess what, free speech doesn’t allow for such misinformation, does it?
We all live with limitations on what we can and cannot do, legally. I guess sone of us have gotten a little too comfortable with lying in the last few years, even when the lies are dangerous.

Sounds as though you’re trying to talk with a hairy penis in your mouth.

Disinformation like the big lie claiming people would save $2,400 on their health insurance??

or the Laptop was Russian Disinformation.

50 of our so called Intelligence gurus were either stupid or in the tank for Biden… I think the latter!!!

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