Oak trees

I love oak trees. Spent a couple of hours on Sunday hiking in a local preserve with the gf. It’s nice to hang out where things have just been allowed to fall however they fall and nature takes its course.

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Nice pix. We don’t see many oak trees around here.

They’re not all healthy, but valley oaks are a symbol of the area. The local baseball team used to be called the Visalia Oaks until the idiots renamed them. I used to watch Kirby Puckett play there 40 years ago.

Puckett was a great player on a very good Twins’ team. They beat the Tigers pretty easily in the 1987 ALCS. I saw a couple of those losses.

Do the Oak trees on the West coast have acorns like we do on the East coast?

I have an oak tree in my front yard that is about 75 years old. I love the shade in the summertime, but we have something here called “oak tree mites” and if they find you tasty, they will make you itch like crazy. Thankfully it’s too cool for them now.

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