Not a bleeding heart, but this is bullshit

As long as there was no fraud involved, they should not go after the workers.

It is not the fault of everyday people that the government is incompetent.

They’re just going after the over payment as they should.

The overpayment was because of their own incompetence.
The people who they are going after don’t have the money to pay it back.
It is an act of futility that will not result in any actual money coming back to the treasury.

In the event you receive too much tax refund or get tax credits that you are ineligible for should you get to keep them?

If you submit paperwork correctly to the government entity, and in their judgement you are entitled to a certain dollar amount, and they pay you that dollar amount, then some time later they come back and say “we fucked up”, “and we know you already spent that money, but we need it back”.
Then yes, you should not be required to pay it back.

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