Non Political unpopular opinions, Pop Culture

I’ll start;

U2 was overrated.

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So was Elvis, speaking strictly musically. As a cultural phenomenon, maybe not.

Roadhouse (the movie) sucked.


I thought PP’s brief analysis was spot on. It was a crappy concept, vastly improved by Swayze (and Sam Elliott).

I’ve seen U2 a few times, mostly because I was trying to get in a girl’s pants. Decent concert though.

Will Ferrell isn’t funny,

I agree 90%. He’s often cringey, which I think is partly intentional. Occasionally funny.

Although most people thought of Edith Bunker as a dingbat who appeared to be out of it, I think she frequently displayed a lot of wisdom about things that really mattered

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I did not like the popular TV show Seinfeld because I thought its characters were a bunch of self absorbed narcissists.

Norman Lear made that point about Edith in a few All in the Family retrospective episodes.

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I was dating a girl who took me. Didn’t like their music much but the concert was cool

The soup Nazi actually has good soup

That was kinda the point. They made that really clear, if it wasn’t already, in the series finale.

Then you really wouldn’t like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The Zoo TV concert rocked , but I was also on shrooms.

Also an overrated show.

Even though I didn’t like the TV show Seinfeld I was amused by this scene:

Jason Alexander: I would have marched on Selma if it was on Long Island

Seinfeld : You would have have marched on Great Neck?

Jason Alexander: Absolutely! I still might. I always hated those girls. They would never date me

The reason why I was amused by that scene is because I grew up in Great Neck and could understand the point he was making :grinning:

Did you feel Jerry & George were unflattering representatives of Jewish people?

Well did you score??