No good deed goes unpunished

Moderna is apparently the bad guy for developing the best Covid vaccine and not actually giving it away.

The nerve of them, spending billions on research and development and expecting people to actually pay for a vaccine that may save their life.

  • “Despite receiving huge sums of public funding from American taxpayers, Moderna has refused calls to share its technology, including from the U.S. government,” the lawmakers wrote, pressing the administration for more information about the federal government’s contract with Moderna and what rights it has to the company’s vaccine data.

buying a product doesn’t require someone to give you the IP.

If they want that, they should create a contract to buy the IP.

The problem is you can’t just give the instructions to anyone. My understanding is this is a hard vaccine to make. Not everyone can just produce it.

And now China is pissed because we are fixing their fuck up and not giving it to them for free.

Money line;

“The letter, spearheaded by China, demands that COVID-19 vaccines be treated as a global public good for health,”

I believe we have a duty to vaccinate all nations and they should pair their fair share. We do not have a duty to give them the IP but the vaccine.

The reason is to end the pandemic, we need to get it under control. It is in our own best interest to give the vaccine.

The IP is not in our best interest. It is actually against our best interest to show everyone how to make MRNA medicines.

China could probably pay their fair share now. Many countries simply could not. And people will cross borders.

Which is why the entire concept is bullshit.
China caused this shit and they are spearheading the effort for the US to pay for their fuck up.

For a long time, China was a poor country. That’s no longer the case. They’re not at our level of wealth, per capita, but they’re closer to a middle class country. It’s maybe no so surprising that they might want to be treated the old way.

There are lots of other countries that truly can’t afford the vaccines.

It hasn’t been for a while.

China is just trying to give us a black eye.

All the 1st world countries should be donating to make sure the world has the vaccine. It’s the most selfish thing we can do.

Which is exactly why we need to remove some of the trade agreements that are beneficial to them. They have put up walls around their country to grow their economy, while systematically stealing IP, and we should treat them accordingly…

They fucked up this whole pandemic anyway by trying to handle it secretly and not sharing information.