NIce Extension for Chrome

I got tired of the ads and “suggested for you posts” that Facebook kept throwing out on my page. And…for those who think it’s all lefty liberals, these sponsored or “suggested for you” posts come from the likes of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and several Trumpster right wing sites.

It’s called FB Purity. It can be customized quite a bit, but straight out of the box, those type posts are gone. None from the left…none from the right…just your friends. I am tweaking it and it works quite well…I’ve got it to where it blocks those idiotic “prove me wrong” posts about no words starting with W and ending with S. or crap like that. Kind of like that is was before people started trying to make money off it. I use a Chrome variant called “Chromium”, which works very well. I think it might be available for other browsers, but I’m not sure. It’s worth looking into.

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