Next level trolling

I can’t say I don’t support this.

There’s nothing like revenge, is there?

Wouldn’t call it revenge, I would call it letting people know real information.

Except the real information is that Warnock opposed the MLB boycott.

From your link;

"In the CNN interview, Warnock demurred on the question of a boycott. He gave a broad statement in favor of corporations standing up for voting rights, but also said he wants Georgia “open for business.”

He should have come out 100% against it.

You beat me to it. Pretty much Warnock tried to straddle the fence.

OK, maybe he didn’t come out 100% against it. The ad is a flat out lie though. He didn’t promote the boycott and Abrams came out against it.

Which is still quite different from the ad.

And from what you first said about him opposing the boycott.

I got it a bit off, but he didn’t push the boycott. The ad is a lie.

“Raphael Warnock refused to condemn this boycott that hurt Georgia families,” he continued. “The NRSC is proud to remind voters in Georgia of the urgent need to replace Senator Warnock next November.”

Sounds pretty accurate.

Abrams didn’t come out against until she saw which way the wind was blowing. Typical politician.

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It will be pretty easy to tie Abrams and Warnock and even Osoff to the MLB boycott in the media. Their lack of a strong voice against it is good enough. The fact that the MLB commissioner talked with Abrams is good enough. It doesn’t even have to be completely true…it just has to be plausible.

After she was 100% emphatically for it. She was for it till she realized her voters were against it. She also realized too late how she screwed her city, lol