Newsom is an idiot, but

I agree with this concept.

Now, the devil is in the details and I haven’t read the bill, but the concept is sound.

A few states already do this. Many companies ignore the law.

At my company, I had a friend who was interested in a position in CO. CO requires you to post the pay. My company refused until I turned them in and then they released the pay for that one position.

The article says that salary ranges must be posted. That means someone hired should be in that range. It’s been awhile, but I recall that ranges could be quite wide.

Ranges are often extremely wide.

The range for my job is 80k to who knows? I know what I make and as I told I’m a little above the middle.

True, but it gives the prospective employee an ability to question why they were offered at the point they were, and to state that they will accept the position but at a salary higher in the posted range.

Why should companies have to post salaries publicly, if a company offers $xx and a person accepts it why is it anyone business?

NPR recently had a story about Colorado having this law and companies from other states with remote jobs will say “not accepting applicants from Colorado residents”.

During the seventies and early eighties I held a middle management position for a large company that no longer exists. If a new person was hired for a position they could be offered any salary within the current range for that position. However, if an existing employee got a promotion they could only receive a certain percentage over their existing salary. This put long term good employees at a disadvantage. With this in mind, I can understand why some companies don’t want existing employees to know the salary being offered to new hires.

This happens a lot and it’s bad policy on the part of the companies. It’s one of the reasons for the new state laws being passed.

Because a company can indiscriminately pay someone less/more for the same job, irregardless of qualifications based on any number of irrelevant things (age, gender, political affiliation, where they were born, etc.).
Why would it hurt a company to let prospective employees know what salary to expect?
I personally will never even consider a job unless the salary range is transparent.

When I worked corrections the Department raised the starting salary significantly.
The problem was that there were employees that were making less than the new starting salary.
So, they just bumped them up to the new starting salary. There was a lot of resentment from veteran employees who were getting the same pay as new hires.

crparrothead - However, they would feel a lot worse if new employees made more than they did which was not uncommon at one time.

Most school districts pay teachers based on the number of years they have taught and their highest degree which alleviates this problem.