New York Times can't do math

A yahoo article uses “data” from the New York Times.
But it doesn’t come close to the real numbers.

I am not commenting on the content of the article, since it is based on extremely faulty data.

Which number(s) do you think are off? They’re saying the FL deaths per day are just over 200, while Worldometers has them at just under 200.

That isn’t what they are saying at all.
They are wrong about the summer peak number.
They are wrong about the current number.
And the article says this. “In the meantime, 228 people are dying of COVID in Florida each day”, when the one day peak was 185, and the current 7 day rolling average is under 30.

And who do I trust more?
Worldmeters has been pretty spot on (used by almost all major publications, including the NYT), and the Times has a long, torrid history of being full of shit.

Where do you see a 7-day rolling average of under 30?

The graph at the bottom of the worldmeters link has August 24 as a rolling average of 28.

Oh, for some reason you have to check a button to get that.

The same chart shows the 7-day average at 177 just a few days ago.

Correct, which means the spike has been contained.
And never as high as the article.

Or, there is a delay in a reporting. I don’t see much evidence it is contained.

Sort the states on the worldometers site by deaths/pop. If you’ve been watching, the point of the article is valid. California has been moving down the list while Florida has been moving up in recent months. DeSantis is pushing treatment instead of vaccination.


It is true that Florida has been inching above the national average.
And California’s numbers have actually always been pretty good, which is why I don’t understand their draconian policies.

California’s numbers are better because of the policies you consider draconian. We’re going about life, very little is closed. Just the annoying masks a bit longer.

Here is DeSantis’ Twitter account. In the top 10 tweets, at least half are pushing an expensive treatment for Covid. It will probably help in some cases. Nowhere do I see him pushing the vaccine, which would make most of this expensive treatment unnecesary.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

There is no evidence of that.
They literally dumped sand in skate parks when there is virtually no outdoor spread.

That is because it is new and he is getting the word out.
At this point everybody knows where they can get a vaccine.
For criminy sakes, 3 months ago the dumbasses were bitching because Florida was vaccinating too many people.

No one was saying that. They were bitching because DeSantis was setting up vaccines specifically for his rich donors.

But he wasn’t, that was bullshit made up by the dumbasses.

No, it was 100% true.

No it wasn’t.
It was 100% unadulterated bullshit.

So, he didn’t put a popup distribution site in a wealthy neighborhood, with doses available only to people who lived in two wealthy zip codes, and then threaten to take doses away when people complained? Because all of that is on record.

Yes, because it was full of a bunch of old people!!
Hint; old people in Florida are wealthy!!
In other news, water is wet.

Edit to add: Wait, I thought he didn’t push vaccines?