New NFL Overtime Proposal

The article says the idea is to minimize the importance of winning the coin toss for overtime, but it then says that sudden death would still apply. I don’t see where this proposal would change much at all.

If the NFL wanted to have an overtime system where the coin toss does not matter, it would adopt the NCAA overtime system or some variation of it. However, the NFL is too arrogant to ever admit that somebody else came up with a good idea that it did not think of first. Case in point: look at how long it took the NFL to adopt the two-point conversion long after ever other organized football league at every level was using it.

Lot of truth to this paragraph

I doubt if they will do the college system though.
It will mess up the over/under Vegas lines.

Vegas would find a way to adapt.

Prior to the last change, the winner of the coin toss won about 51% of overtime games. This is much ado about very little.

The current NFL system is akin to the first team in baseball to score being able to win in extra innings without both teams being guaranteed at-bats.