New HIV Variant out there

And the plain language translation of this new term is…

Vaccine Induced Immune System Collapse!

If you rushed out to take the experimental Covid “vaccine” before its long term effects could possibly be known, this is worth considering.

That isn’t mentioned in the article even once.

Very well. Now lets add 2 + 2…

Except that is all false.

FACT CHECK: Did A Yale University Study Find That The Vaccinated Are More Susceptible To COVID-19 Than The Unvaccinated? | Check Your Fact

That is people not understanding the data.

Funny that taz would post this but somebody developed an aids vaccine using MRNA technology.

You first taz!


I doubt it is intentional. Most likely they don’t have the education or intelligence to understand it correctly.

While everyone is entitled to an opinion, not all opinions are the same.

False? Not so fast! There are scads of fake “fact” checkers out there.
If a man tells you he is honest, you better be doubting.
Same was true of a newspaper one time called Spotlight, the paper you can trust.
Treat the modern-day snopes sites that way too, as the original.
If it has fact check in its name, buyer beware!

Our left coast newspaper colleague can come up with one for anything you declare!

Now what we have here, with the “HIV Variant” is a code word for the new holocaust, appearing as a pandemic of vaccine induced AIDS, complete with a requisite plethora of fake “fact” checkers to poo-poo the very idea and Gas Light you into believing it does not exist.

Spare me the fake fact checkers boys! Keep your eye on the ball and see if there is not something to this. That is, Compromised Immune Systems! This will manifest as people dying of things that are usually not serious. Plus increased blood clots, increased cancer, increased still births, increased heart attacks and shockingly increased DEATH rates of prime age people.

All this stuff has not happened at this level before, only after widespread use of experimental so-called “vaccine” brought out to counter CCP virus, which itself while potentially deadly never had this level of impact on society.

Read the explanation.

I’m not against conspiracies. I love a good conspiracy.

It’s well known the flu vaccine can make you more susceptible to different variations of the flu.

It’s well documented.

There is nothing that shows the Covid vaccine has anything similar.