Never too old

Always keep dreaming.

Hmm I thought Voldermort was younger when he tried to kill the Potters.

Actually, vader was 23-24 and he didn’t build the Death Star. Vader wasn’t in charge of the project.

It says when he tried to kill Harry, so I’m assuming they’re likely referring to the second time.

Vader couldn’t have been 23-24 when the Death Star was built. He was Luke’s father. It’s possible he was in his 20s when he became Vader

He tried to kill Harry and got the scar. She is probably right, I have read all the books but I am not a huge potter fan. I thought they were OK.

Vader was 23-24 when the Death Star was started. It took a long time to build the first one. The second one was built much quicker. You see the prototype in the last movie.

He became Vader when he was 22.

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