NCAA probe finds ‘systemic’ gender disparities, recommends combined basketball Final Four

I have often thought that if the NCAA wanted to grow women’s basketball and increase awareness, it should combine the men’s and women’s tournaments into one. Tennis does that at its major events and it seems to work well.

Can’t read it due to firewall (and I tried you ctrl P trick), but women’s basketball is just SOOOO boring.
Women’s tennis, golf, and volleyball are all very exciting sports to watch, but basketball is just a drag.

Disparities in genders?

In other news… water is wet.

Wouldn’t the challenge be size? The 65 team tournament is already huge.

Trying to run them simultaneously wouldn’t work.
People still wouldn’t tune into the women’s b-ball.

They already have them in separate venues. They could combine the venues and have men’s and women’s game in the same venues.

As Parrot alluded to above, most of the revenue comes from TV, not attendance.

Just like the major tennis tournaments sell the broadcast rights to the full tournament and not the separate men’s and women’s events, so could the NCAA - if it wanted to.

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Sometimes, a private browser will work with WaPo.

On a desktop you can clear selected cookies as opposed to all of them. I haven’t been able to figure that out on my phone, though.

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So two things.

  1. The firm failed to take into account the market value of the two events.
  2. Look at accommodations for all of the other events and get back to me (wrestling comes to mind).

You make good points.

My only point is that if the NCAA really wanted to grow women’s basketball and increase awareness, it seems to me that they could use a combined tournament to further that objective. I have read several opinion pieces talking about how women’s basketball is a great game and how nobody will watch it, give it a chance, etc. I don’t recall, however, anybody making any suggestions on how to grow the game.

And, for what it is worth, at the end of the day football is the big driver for revenue anyways.

The WNBA proves that false.

All of this is in the eye of the beholder. This reminds me of when I was growing up when one of the sports columnists for the local paper wrote a column saying that soccer is a dull game. He got at least one angry letter that he published talking about how great soccer was, the World Cup, the two professional soccer leagues that existed (at the time), etc. The columnist replied that all he said was that soccer was a dull game and he still thought that.

Exactly, if people wanted watch they would, same with the WNBA. The solution is for women and lefties to actually support women’s sports and go to the games, watch on TV, buy the merchandise, etc.

The World Cup is the largest money making sporting event in the world.
The WNBA hemorrhages money.

True. It also does not change the fact that to somebody who is not a big fan of soccer the sport could be considered a very dull game. The same can be said of baseball, for another example.

I am not quite sure what the WNBA has to do with anything that I said.

I have never been able to watch a full soccer game, but the data says it is very popular and profitable.
The data also says the WNBA is a about as profitable as beer league softball (the eye of the beholder statement)

Well…I hold the distinction of being the only resident of Kansas that doesn’t give a rats ass about basketball…mens, womens, pro or college

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