My visit to a Urologist

I don’t know if this is something new but my urologist now has a “scribe” with him during examinations to take all his notes.

I wasn’t told about this prior to the examination but this young lady about 25 sat there and watched the examination and took notes.

What would you think about it… you 60 year old somethings and would you allow it.

Had it happen when there was just conversation, not during the actual exam.

Several years ago, I had hernia surgery and went in for a follow up visit. The doc had an intern with him and asked if I minded them sitting in. I said no, and she walked in. Very attractive too. So they are checking out my incision and he got an urgent call. He left the room. A bit awkward, so I just introduced myself.

Had a full-body skin cancer screening a few years ago. Male doctor, with 2 young ladies in the room. Maybe interns. I don’t believe I was asked whether or not having them in the room was OK.

Normally I’d have to pay extra for each additional girl…

Ok Scott write this down… first time you ever made me ROFL!!!


This young girl couldn’t have been over 25. I thought… does her dad know what she is doing?

Guess I am an old fuddy duddy.

I would like to hear from BM on this one.

You’re very welcome…

It’s normal due to the digital records.

Did you get a phone number?

If I asked she probably would have gave me a number to a nursing home.

I am seeing some of this and find it to be a bit confusing. Here is what I have seen:

Doctor comes in with an assistant and a computer on a stand. Doc talks and sounds like he is dictating. Turns out he is! Assistant is there to handle the computer, and you hear more from a third voice than from the assistant. Third voice is transcriptionist in India or some such place, recording all the Doc wants recorded. That is fine, but I think Doc is talking to me and he is really talking to the voice on the computer!

By comparison when PCP comes in, it is just her and her computer. She does her own transcribing and I don’t think has an offshore recorder. I much prefer that setup.

She is probably more comfortable with computers.