My backyard

That’s what I see when I get up

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I have a 20 acre wheat filed in my front yard. In Feb-Mar each year there is tons of deer. Earlier this year, I counted 51 deer. That was a record. It is typically about 30 each night.

I have about half a dozen that hang out at my place all year. They sleep at the edge of the light put off by my security lights. If I come home late, I often wake them up.

We also have wild hog, wild turkey, and bald eagles. The Turkeys are funny. We had one that shacked up with our chickens one year during turkey season. She took off the day after turkey season. It was like she had a calendar. The hogs are destructive. In one night they will wipe out a garden or a huge patch of crops.

I live in the burbs but I have an acre yard. Surprised I have so many deer in my yard. Normally I’ll have 6 of them eating the acorns.

Much better than my old house. That was in the city.

My old house back to a wooded area with a creek but was on a cul-de-sac in the suburbs. I went out to get the paper one morning and it was a deer in somebody’s front yard just standing there looking at me

My profile picture is the first tarantula of the season. We see them for 2-3 weeks every fall. They are usually crossing the driveway but this one was going up the wall. I guess looking for sex can cause that to happen. I hope he can avoid our state insect, the Tarantula Hawk Wasp.

I know it’s sometimes drives me up a wall