Most unique mascot

OK, for something non-political: what is your favorite (most unique) mascot used by a high school, college, or pro team.

I think my fave has to be the UC Santa Cruz Bana Slugs.

Seminoles. I really admire engines. But not just any engines.

My avatar is my High School mascot.
It is a dragon, but it is named Pendragon.

My high school teams were called the Technicians, and I don’t recall that we had a mascot. We were generally not to be feared.

A couple of names that I like are the Lansing Lugnuts (minor league baseball) and the Carlsbad Cavemen and Cavegirls (Carlsbad NM high school).

Washburn U in Kansas has the Ichabod’s.
Probably the goofiest I have ever seen.

My niece went to St Louis University, which is the Billikins (whatever the hell they are)


I like the Lugnuts.

The local Catholic school near me has Trojans as their mascot. I doubt they see the irony.

Apparently a “charm doll.” I don’t even remember, but I’ve looked up several times what a Tar Heel is.

A tribute to Lansing’s automotive heritage. One of their early hats was shaped like a lugnut.

As in Uther Pendragon from King Arthur?

I saw a banner once with a gigantic sky blue foot & tar on the heel.

From Wikipedia:

The origins of the Tar Heel nickname trace back to North Carolina’s prominence in the mid 18th and 19th centuries as a producer of turpentine, tar, pitch, and other materials from the state’s plentiful pine trees.[1] “Tar Heel” (and a related version, “Rosin Heel”) was often applied to the poor white laborers who worked to produce tar, pitch, and turpentine. The nickname was embraced by North Carolina soldiers during the Civil War and grew in popularity as a nickname for the state and its citizens following the war.

Yes, which I know doesn’t make sense that the actual mascot is a dragon, but it worked out grammatically because of the name of the town (Pender).

Haha that is actually pretty cool. Good confluence of linguistic circumstances to use that reference.

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