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Is it a circle jerk if it’s just winter in the thread?

I’ll make a deal…let’s let the left convince the 27 million blacks to get vaccinated and you guys can convince the 126 million others to get vaccinated. In some ways, I can understand the reluctance of blacks since there was a time in our history that they were used as human guinea pigs.

Here’s an idea, instead of making excuses for a group of selfish asshole that refuse to get vaccinated lefties call them out like they do with other groups?

BTW who are the 126 million you are talking about, all republicans?

Enjoy the meme kc. lol. Have some humor.

leaked video from Obama’s birthday bash?

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Since only 28.4 percent of Blacks are vaccinated, is it racist for a person to think that they think they are more likely to get covid from a Black person than a White person?

Nah, you’re good here Ms Maven.

Yes, because saying anything negative about blacks even if it’s factual is racist. Mention the black incarceration rate, the black out of wedlock rate, the low black high school graduation rate, the high percentage of blacks on welfare, etc you’re a racist.

I have looked into this and the statement is factually correct.

I remember A&W before they got big (1980’s in Wisconsin), they had better burgers than Micky D’s and great root beer. The frosty mug made it better for some reason

I love Cream Soda, and I swear it tastes the best out of a frosty mug.
Just had this conversation with my son this week.

Agreed, but I don’t care for beer in a frosted mug, I don’t know why.

I don’t drink much pop, but my wife will occasionally pick up a 4 pack of this brand, very tasty and lots of real sugar.

I used to have a couple A&W mugs around here that I forgot to return in the 1960s.

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