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Music threads must have a theme. Board rule I just pulled out of my ass.

Odd couples/changed the title

Several videos on YouTube of these two. Well worth watching.

Another one with Bennett. Amy Winehouse is so good…so sad she left us so soon

BB King and U2

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Elvis and Sinatra

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Kris, with Miss Piggy. Luckily, this was before the Metoo Era.

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That time when Tammy Wynette went hip hop, and it actually worked.

Ray Charles and George Jones making fun of themselves.

In the 1980s, Paul McCartney recorded duets with Michael Jackson and then Stevie Wonder. I consider them so awful that I will only mention them as odd pairing sbut not intentionally expose anyone to them.

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When I was working with addicts I was transporting one to inpatient and Winehouse’ song “Rehab” came on.
The client had a sense of humor and we had a pretty good laugh.

Not so much an odd couple as revealing in the joy of being odd (and funny).

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