More Memes That Make a Point

This reminds me of the theme of one of my favorite plays - “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder

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Yep, some of the best memories happen when you didn’t even realize it. My kid remembers the smallest things that happen on vacations, spending time with his cousins and family.

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Did anyone ever hear of the expression “Put a Beggar on Horseback and He Will Ride to Hell”? It is an Irish proverb that goes back to the Middle Ages.

My mother use to say it when I was growing up and I thought it was very funny at the time. However, I didn’t really understand what it meant until I was an adult. It means that if you put someone in a position of power that are not qualified for, they are likely to abuse it.

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Racial tension started with Obama? Things were all hunky dory for the first 232 years, then we elected a black president, and poof, racial tensions?

BLM and the anti-police movement started in 2013.

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When Obama was elected president he should have used that accomplishment to inspire other Blacks to become successful.

Unfortunately, Obama did just the opposite by brainwashing Blacks to believe that the United States is a racist country so there is no hope for them to improve on their own.

Sadly, Obama undid decades of progress in racial relations in our country and made them the worst they have been within my lifetime. In addition, he made them feel that violent riots and looting are justified.

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Democrats keep telling minorities they are victims and it’s because of others their lives suck, which is not true. If anyone wants to get out of poverty they need to take responsibility for their own lives, make the sacrifices and make good decisions, race doesn’t matter.

The woman wasn’t pregnant.

There were marches for Dorn. Small marches but there were marches.

Floyd was a stain on society. Dorn was a man who tried to make the black community better. He worked hard to recruit black men to join the police force. He wanted the police to be a pillar of the community. He wanted young black men to say, that could be me.

He’s a hero to lefties everywhere, they have built statues for the guy and caused billions in damage to cities in his name.

Ah, she did not mean ‘those’ forms of socialism…

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