More automotive than tech

When did car batteries get so expensive?
Admittedly I haven’t had to replace one for about 10 years, but I remember thinking anything over $100 and you were getting ripped off.
I just paid a little under $200 for a battery for my son’s 2007 Nissan Versa.

Same here, last week had to buy one and it was at least $75 more than a couple of years ago.

Off topic a bit. I have a 2006 Chrysler Sebring. The battery is mounted in the wheel well. Have to take off the tire, to replace it. Don’t want to mess with it when it comes to changing the battery. Will bring it to a Mechanic.

How did you go a decade? I used to have to replace mine at 3 years, almost to the month, every time. Or do you replace your car that often.

Maybe not that long, but it has been a while.
Now that I think about it, I did change one on my wifes old car when my daughter was in High School, so no more than 6 years.

Damn Biden.

Totally spitballing here, but as demand is up for raw materials in batteries, that makes a typical car battery pricier too.

Or to put it in a way Bears can understand, Lets Go Brandon!

It has been years like I said, I am not making this political.
I am just a cheap fucker.
I still have to remind myself that I can’t buy jeans for $50 anymore.

You can but they have a nautical theme to them, Old Navy.

Ya, but even if I liked “dad jeans”, they are hard to find in my length.

Probably Putin’s fault

7 years seems to be the max I can get out of a battery. Just checked a Costco battery for my car - $180.

I have a helluva time paying less than $50 for a pair of sneakers.

I have to by jeans online. I think the assumption is that once you reach a certain waist size, your height suddenly gets shorter. I wear 40/34. It seems that 40/32 is the best I can find at stores. 38/34 or 38/36 are fairly easy to find. But once you hit that 40 mark for the waist, you’d better not be much over 6’ tall.

My big problem is finding the 36 length.
With some slacks and a few brands of jeans I can go with 34, but not very often.

I am a shoe fanatic, and I am particular about taking care of my feet, so I will spend money on that.

where I get mine

Mine usually last 2-4 years. Temperatures in the summer here can reach 110, and that wastes them.

And yes, I have noticed the battery price inflation. It’s been nasty for years.

I was just thinking that the car is literally 15 years old, and the new battery cost 10% of what we paid for the car.

I buy the batteries at the farm supply. I have been paying $60-80 for a long time. I typically buy the common size battery then the specific recommended size as long as I have room to accommodate the common size. I have about 12 batteries between vehicles and equipment. By buying the common size, I have swappable batteries between, vehicles and equipment.

I have about 10 dead batteries that I need to recycle. I looked it up the other day and scrap yards are only paying about $0.05/# or about $5 per old car battery.

I did just replace a specialized size battery on small tractor. It was about $100 and its half the size of normal car batteries. The old battery was about 10 years old.

I have probably said this before, but you are SIGNIFICANTLY more mechanically inclined than me, and you can get away with that.