Money for black women in Georgia

This isn’t really a bad idea.

  1. It appears to be private money, so spend it however you please.
  2. There is evidence that no strings money can be the best way to help people.
  3. Private entities are significantly better at assisting people than the government.

I agree entirely. Private charities are much better at spreading out resources and evaluating who’s deserving than the govt is.

I see no problem with this, the government shouldn’t be in the charity business, it should be funded by individuals and groups with private money.

I did a quick search to find out more about their funding, and all I found was that they are a GA non-profit formed about 8 months ago. That means they may be exempt from GA taxes but likely have to have pay federal. If they are truly private, meaning they accept no governmental funds and are not a 501c3, you’re likely correct. If they receive any federal money or don’t have to pay federal taxes, they may have a discrimination problem.

I won’t pretend to understand the fine print of this type of stuff.
But if they are just tax exempt I would give them a pass ( my opinion, nothing to do with the law)

If it happens, I hope they do a follow up at the end of the period to see how many used the assistance to actually improve their station in life. Either through education, child care so they could find a job, etc. Don’t have a lot of confidence that “free money” without some strings or financial education will do much good long term. If private funds, then go for it.

If this is from private enterprise, like you say, then we (taxpayers) have no skin in the game. We can just watch this social experiment from from the sideline…

There may be, but I am skeptical. I am a big believer in Habitat’s approach, where a prerequisite of becoming a beneficiary is to have skin in the game.

I predict a lot of this money will go to waste, unless they have a way to discriminate between beneficiaries with potential and those without. And for any triggered lefties, of course I do not mean discriminate in terms of race or sex, but of behavior, lifestyle, etc.

I predict many of the recipients will become targets for thieves and other miscreants.


Agreed. I have no moral complaint. Happy to watch other try things out with their own money, or money they received voluntarily from others.

And if this initiative does turn out to be successful, I will happily stand corrected.

I was too.
And it isn’t 100%.
To be more specific, when I worked with Drug Courts it was actually housing, not cash that was given “no strings”, so technically not apples to apples.
One problem I have with this proposal is that there is no financial literacy training for the recipients.

Great point. Most Powerball winners wind up broke within 6 years. No amount of money is too much to spend without the proper attitude, education, and discipline, let alone $850 a month.