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If I get a spam call on my mobile phone I have the option to block that caller. However, if I delete that number from my received calls will that block still be in effect?

The block will stay in effect. The issue I have is that spammers are spoofing the number theyre calling from, so blocking a specific number has little effect. I don’t even block numbers anymore and my spam calls haven’t gone up.

BMW - Thanks for your helpful response :grin:

Just curious, why are you deleting it?

Whenever I get a spam call, I leave the number on my call list, just in case it can be of use in evidence later.

Probably 1 in a million chance I’d be able to help some court case, but I figure it isn’t costing me anything to leave it there.

brobbs - the only reason why I do it is that I sometimes use my received call list for numbers that I call frequently. However, that isn’t really necessary because I can use my favorites list for that purpose as well.

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Beemer is correct. You can get a software scam call filter or you can use T-Mobile that has integrated one into their network.

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I have the option on my iPhone to send numbers that are not in my contacts straight to voicemail. I have noticed that if one comes in and I see it, there is a message that one is coming in. That works fine EXCEPT…if you are expecting a call from a doctor or business that isn’t in your contact list. I turn that feature off until that situation has passed.

They will still show up in your recent call list though…like Beemer said, they spoof several different numbers. I probably have a hundred “blocked numbers” and at least 90 of them are those stupid auto warranty calls

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question! I really appreciate it :grin:

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